Sunday, April 25, 2010

Hockey Playoffs

So this year's first series of playoffs for the stanely cup has being super interesting. From goals under review to guys getting hit in the face with pucks. It has undoubtley been fun to watch. The drama has been super exciting. Last nights game between the Ottawa Senators and Sidney Crosby a.k.a. the Pittsburgh Penguins was a nail biter. The game started with a goal from the Sens and eventually the went into a 2-0 lead. Fourtanately for the Penguins Matt Cooke stepped up and scored the first undisputed goal for the Penguins. The Sens scored again making it 3-1. Eventually 2 more goals were scored by the Penguins one by Matt Cooke also. The game was tied so the Pens and the Sens went into overtime for the second game in a row luckily for some of us who go to sleep at 10 the game only had one ot this time. The winning goal was scored Pascal DuPois. This booted the Sens out of the Stanley Cup running and pushed Sid and the Penguins closer to winning their second Cup in a row. Tonight the Canucks go head-to-head with the Kings. Will Roberto Luongo lead his team to becoming the first Canadian team to win a Stanley Cup since 1993 or will the Kings tie the series forcing a 7th game? Either way it's sure to be a great game.

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